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PETROLEUM PIPELINE & TANK CONSTRUCTION JOINT STOCK COMPANYPetroleum Pipeline and Tank Construction Joint Stock Company (PVC-PT) is a subsidiary  of Petrovietnam Construction Joint Stock Corporation (PVC), which activities are constructing pipeline, tanks, petrochemical refineries, transporting, processing, storing oil and gas, building power plants and constructing civil and industrial projects.The precursor of Petroleum Pipeline and Tank Construction Joint Stock Company was  Pipeline and Tank Construction Enterprise  established in 1987. In 2007 Petroleum Pipeline and Tank Construction Co., Ltdwas established on the basis of consolidation of Pipeline and Tank Construction Enterprise, OffshoreRepairing and Maintenance Enterprise and Ship Repair and Electricity Water Construction Enterprise. On 16 th November, 2009 Petroleum Pipeline and Tank Construction Co., Ltd has been converted to Petroleum Pipeline and Tank Construction Joint Stock Company .Over 24 years of build – up and development, up to this time, PVC-PT has successfully fabricated, installed hundreds of small and large scale projects nationwide Vietnam,  many of which were petroleum projects having national and international stature, PVC-PT has become a leading company nationwide in fabricating and installing petroleum tanks, pressure tanks, oil and gas ...

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Vision:Petroleum Pipeline & Tank Construction Joint Stock Company (PVC-PT) strives to become a leading petroleum specialized construction Company based on oriented development of PetroVietnam Construction Joint Stock Corporation (PVC) and PetroVietnam (PVN).  PVC-PT brings into play the PetroVietnam’s culture and core values are professional, dynamic, creativity and efficiency.Mission:PVC-PT defines “Petroleum is still primary and important energy source, key economics of Country.” By experience and inherent tradition of petroleum construction workers, PVC-PT defines our mission:Innovative thinking, raise to new heights, create high-quality products branded by PVC-PT.PVC-PT create, improve benefits and unshakable values for share-holders based on financial transparency, professional manufacturing business.Education, ...

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- Constructing Pipeline and Tank; Installation of technical of technical equipment, industrial automation and control equipment, power transmission lines, civil and industrial electrical systems; Reparation of Ship facilities; Fabricating and installing platform jackets, steel structures, tanks (for petroleum, LPG, water), pressure tanks and technical systems; Manufacturing industrial products (warehouses, thermal power plant, hydro-power plans...); Transporting oil, gas, LPG, chemical ; Constructing water, oil, gas, LPG pipelines system- Fabricating technical systems, tanks, pressure tanks LPG tanks; Installing fire prevention and fighting systems, fighting protection ...

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